Episode 27 – Hackers, 90s Schwarzenegger Films (with Matt Stein)

Jack and Dan welcome guest Matt Stein (the Podcast of Terror and many others) into WEE Studios to discuss assorted 90s topics and generally tomfoolery, including a recap of the second act of Hackers, and hacking the hacks.


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  1. Hi – I just am listening to the Pepsi Blue ep and wanted to let you know that both Coke & Pepsi are not struggling at all! I work for Coke and in the northeast, sales for sodas are definitely declining year over year, we have a huge portfolio of drinks in other categories…smartwater is owned by Coke as well as Honest & Gold Peak Tea, fairlife milk, Suja cold pressed juice, etc. Pepsi does amazing with Gatorade and Lipton – their soda sales are pretty awful, but chips make them the most gp.

    Crazy is Coke sodas are actually growing in both volume & $ sales year over year in the south!! idk how its even possible, but southerners love their soda I guess.

    Not that its the biggest deal, but I couldn’t just not respond when I heard that Coke & Pepsi aren’t doing well. BTW code red is still sold at grocery stores.


    1. Thanks for writing in Maureen. It should be abundantly clear that we have no idea what we’re talking about, so great to get someone who does.


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